Privacy Policy

This web site is intended for the of the members of the Linden McKinley High School Class of 1960 and "Friends of Linden." Any commerical or unauthorized use is expressly prohibited.

Participating in the Bulletin Board dialogue is a privilege not a right. Please observe three simple Rules of the Road:

The expectation is that the Bulletin Board will be self-policing, although entries violating the rules are subject to deletion.

You are not permitted to access the Bulletin Board unless you have a registered LMHS password. Send a password of your choosing to the WebMaster for registration. Keep it confidential as it identifies you to the 'system,' and all posts under it will include your real name — thus no anonymous posting.

A password should consist of alphabetics, numerics, and underscores. Feel free to use both upper and lower case, but internally it is converted to lower case. Examples: 'ladyinred' ... 'hambone' ... 'bee8bop' ...